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Vermiculite Removal

Asbestos Vermiculite Insulation

We provide insulation removal and the replacement of old and improper insulation. We also specialize in the safe and effective asbestos insulation removal within attic spaces. Our certified environmental technicians remove the improper insulation with environmentally safe methods and replace it with effective heat regulating insulation such as batt or loose fill insulation.

Asbestos insulation is commonly found in residences developed prior to the 1980’s. This hazardous form of insulation can be found in homes, complexes, schools, offices, attics, basements and sliding. Asbestos insulation is a dangerous health hazard. Our environment specialists are highly qualified and trained in the safe removal of this form of insulation.

Why Vermiculite Abatement is Necessary

Vermiculite abatement procedures are sometimes needed for old offices and homes. During the 1900’s, around 70 percent of the world’s vermiculite came from one mine in Montana. It was found later that vermiculite ore from this mine was contaminated with serious amounts of tremolite asbestos. Materials that used this substance were used for construction of homes and buildings.

Older homes and commercial properties were commonly insulated with vermiculite. It was easy to apply, had effective insulating properties and was commonly used throughout Vancouver. Contaminated vermiculite removal services is one of the many property restoration services for Vancouver owners that we’re pleased to be able to offer.

Our Vermiculite Removal Process

Our vermiculite removal process is a step-by-step approach that’s proven effective for removing vermiculite from anywhere in a home – kitchen tiles, attics, basements, house siding, paneling, roof shingles are just a few places asbestos can be found one. Insulation around water boilers, the inside of walls and ceiling paneling are some of the spaces where contaminated vermiculite is typically found in offices.

After the completion of a job, we can state that the entire property is asbestos and vermiculite contaminant-free and we then dispose of contaminated materials in a safe and effective manner.

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