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Asbestos Safe RemovalAsbestos is a naturally occurring fiber with several beneficial characteristics which made it very popular. Asbestos fibers are very malleable, and therefore very easy to incorporate into various products. In addition, the material is naturally a great insulator, resistant to fire and chemical erosion, and is very strong. It’s because of these characteristics that asbestos was known as the “magic mineral” and added into so many building supplies. Asbestos is commonly found in ultramafic rock, including serpentine, and near fault zones. The amount of asbestos that is typically present in these rocks can be usually less than 1.

Removing Asbestos Take Proper Procedure

It is better to dispose of some asbestos-containing appliances such as oven rather than trying to separate the asbestos from it for disposal because the separation of asbestos may prove to be very expensive and it can be hazardous. Exposure to asbestos particles is the reason behind many diseases including life-threatening cancer called mesothelioma. Improper removal of these materials can release asbestos fibers into the air of your building, posing a possible health risk to you and other inhabitants. Removing asbestos from public buildings must be done by a licensed contractor who is registered with the state.

Health experts are so keen on having different points regarding asbestos

According to a university research, 2.3 of every 98,000 people living in buildings made from cement containing asbestos are liable to develop lung cancer. And it has been proved that health damage due to exposure to asbestos will certainly increase rapidly in the coming months and years. Healthcare maintenance workers and engineers can be unknowingly exposed to asbestos from many possible areas and sources. Engineers can be exposed while working in furnace rooms where boilers are insulated with asbestos, or when making repairs to old piping or doing minor renovations.

Asbestos Health Risk

Asbestosis is progressive and, for the most part, irreversible. Respiratory impairment worsens with time, even if exposure to asbestos has ceased. People with asbestosis have shortness of breath, often along with a cough. Asbestos creates Mesothelioma and Mesothelioma is a form of cancer which affects mesothelial tissue in the lungs, peritoneum or pericardium.

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