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Port Coquitlam Asbestos Removal

Port CoquitlamPort Coquitlam is a city in British Columbia, Canada. Located 27 km (17 mi) east of Vancouver, it sits at the confluence of the Fraser River and the Pitt River. Coquitlam borders it on the north, the Coquitlam River borders it on the west, and the city of Pitt Meadows lies across the Pitt River. Port Coquitlam is almost entirely bisected by Lougheed Highway. Port Coquitlam is often referred to as “PoCo.” It is Canada’s 88th largest city by population. Port Coquitlam is not to be confused with the adjacent and larger Coquitlam.

Port Coquitlam is made up of a very ethnically diverse population of approximately 52,230 people. It is this diversity that has encouraged the further religious and cultural multiplicities. It is also this tolerance and acceptance that allows for the differentials in building, leisure and commercial activities.

Asbestos Removal Safety Procedures

Asbestos isn’t exactly a household word. If you’re the owner of an older home, however, it’s one that you may want to familiarize yourself with. It’s a hazardous material that may be found in the fibers of building materials in older structures. It was identified as having effective fire-retardant properties, and manufacturers had no reason to think poorly of the choice for many years. In the early part of the 70s, the threat was identified and the practice ceased across most of North America. Removing Asbestos should be done by a certified professional using special equipment. Vancouver Asbestos Removal is a Certified and Professional in Asbestos Abatement Servicing.

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