Asbestos Testing and Asbestos Removal Services by Asbestos Vancouver.


Insulation Removal

Insulation in older homes is one of the number one risk factors for asbestos exposure. Insulation removal is never going to be a job that’s suitable for a do-it-yourself project for any homeowner, and that’s a part of why we offer insulation removal for Vancouver property owners as a means of keeping you away from a messy job AND preventing you possibly being exposed to airborne fibers.

Our certified environmental technicians remove old insulation with environmentally safe methods and prevent any contaminants from it being introduced to other areas of the home or property. We then replace it with effective heat regulating insulation like batt or loose fill insulation.

Removing insulation that contains asbestos is one of the more pressing needs in this area. Asbestos insulation is commonly found in homes and commercial properties built prior to the 1980s. We’re a solid choice for asbestos insulation removal in Vancouver and we follow a very rigid protocol that works to ensure complete removal and no cross contamination risks.

Insulation Installation Service

We’re able to install insulation for rebuilt or restored homes in the Vancouver area too. Part of that is ensuring correct attic ventilation to avoid any excess moisture buildups within the attic space in the future. This contributes to preventing mould in a home.

Asbestos Vancouver is an excellent choice for Vancouver insulation installation and we can also install it so that the property owners benefits from overall reduced energy consumption and better home heating and cooling efficiency, particularly when paired with a home that has temperature-regulating windows and doors installed. Trust us for all your insulation installation needs.