Construction & Demolition
Waste for Landfill

  • Mixed C&D waste (plastic, lumber, roofing material)
  • Non-hazardous fire damaged material
  • General garbage
  • Pink and yellow insulation
  • Roofing insulation
  • Treated lumber
  • Styrofoam
  • Clean and mixed dirt
  • Concrete and concrete with rebar
  • Construction waste
  • Drywall (new drywall, date drywall, and no date-stamp drywall)
  • Fire damage
  • Food and organic waste
  • General garbage
  • Green waste
  • Insulation and rigid insulation
  • Product destruction
  • Roofing waste
  • Treated lumber and clean lumber

Waste accepted subject to
24 hours approval:

  • Expired food, fish plant waste, and greenhouse mixed waste
  • Items that can get caught in equipment e.g. fishing nets, ropes, non-recyclable tires
  • Styrofoam and other litter problem makers
  • Items that attract wildlife
  • Odorous items

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